Custom holograms for documents security, brand Protection, Packaging Authentification

Holograms are recognized worldwide as premier optical security and authentication devices. Specialized equipment and use of cutting-edge technologies help to highly value holograms for security.  Holograms have become well established in many industries. They are commonly used on the following items:




Valuable documents     

Identification cards

Credit cards                    

Clothing hang tags

Gift certificates           

Computer software

Discount cards           

Compact discs


Video & audio tapes


 Sporting goods


Plastic cards












Custom security holograms  

We can offer 2 different types of custom security holograms: 

2D/3D – holograms contain several image planes, which are visually placed one behind another and produce an effect of three-dimensional structure.

Dot-matrix – a computer generated hologram in which the image is optically written dot by dot to construct the final image.

Extra security features:

  • Hidden microtext or a diagram which are invisible when looking with the naked eye.
  • Sequential numbers.
  • Holographic images are commonly  produced on tamper evident material. Any attempt to remove the hologram results in the destruction of the image.


Production process: 

  1. Hologram artwork is designed according to the initial data submitted.
  2. The hologram artwork is edited and adjusted to the needs  and  requirements of our customer.
  3. Once a customer approves the hologram artwork,  the “Master” hologram is made from which all the others will be duplicated.
  4. All the other holograms are printed according to the “Master” hologram.
  5. The “Master” hologram is saved. Under the necessity, holograms can be duplicated for the second time.


Stock Security Holograms 

Stock security holograms is economical solution when a smaller amounts of them are needed. In this case “Master“ hologram is unnecessary. Authorization is made by incorporation of logo or other information for truly custom look.

It is impossible to erase or  change the image and that is why stock security holograms fulfil their function of security as well as the custom security ones. We do not distribute the stock security holograms without customer authorization. We offer a full range of standard sizes and shapes of holograms. 


Production process: 

  1. A customer chooses one of the stock holographic patterns.
  2. A customer chooses the size and shape of a hologram.
  3. The print colour is chosen.
  4. A customer sends via e-mail a logotype and a text to be printed on the hologram.
  5. The final version of a artwork is submitted to a client for final approval.
  6. Once approved the specified quantity of holograms is produced.  

Extra security features:

  • Under the necessity sequential numbering of holograms is added.
  • The images of holograms are commonly  produced on tamper evident material.


Also we are able to offer Holographic hot-stamping foil which is fused onto paper or plastic surfaces with specialized machinery by means of heat and pressure. Once applied the foil hologram becomes an integrated part of a document or a plastic card. 


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