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ISO paper size for poster production 1000 x 1414mm.

ISO paper size for poster production 707 x 1000mm.

ISO paper size for poster production 500 x 707mm.

ISO paper size for poster production 353 x 500mm.

ISO paper size for poster production 250 x 353mm.

ISO paper size for poster production 176 x 250mm.

ISO paper size for poster production 125 x 176mm.

Alternate term for Spine.

Back up
To print on the second side of a sheet already printed on one side. Such printing is called a backup.

Method of packaging printed pieces using paper, rubber, or fiberglass bands.

Base negative
Negative made from copy pasted to mounting board, not overlays.

Basic size
The one standard size of each grade of paper used to calculate basis weight.

Basis weight
Weight in pounds of a ream of paper cut to the basic size for its grade.

Baud rate
Number of bits of information transmitted per second from one digital device to another.

Alternate term for Screen tint.

To fasten sheets or signatures and adhere covers with glue, wire, thread, or by other means.

Binder's board
Very stiff paper board used to make covers of case bound books.

Print shop department or separate business that does trimming, folding, binding, and other finishing tasks.

Black Printer
The plate during the prepress printing process that is used with the cyan, magenta and yellow printers to enhance the contrast and to emphasize the neutral tones and detail in the final reproduction shadow areas.

Thick rubber sheet that transfers ink from plate to paper on an offset press.

Blanket cylinder
Cylinder of a press on which the blanket is mounted.

Printing that extends to the edge of a sheet or page after trimming.

Blind emboss
To emboss without added ink or foil the embossed image.

Blow up
To enlarge photographically. Such an enlargement is called a blowup.

Prepress, photographic proof where all colors show as blue image on white paper.

Alternate term for Mechanical.

Board paper
Grade of paper commonly used for file folders, display, and post cards.

Bond paper
Grade of paper commonly used for writing, printing, and photocopying.

Alternate term for Trade bindery.

Book paper
Grade of paper suitable for books, magazines, and general printing needs.

Characteristic of paper referring to how much light it reflects.

Type of board paper used for post cards, business cards, and other heavy-use products.

Broken carton
Less than one full carton of paper.

Agent who supplies printing from many printing companies.

Thickness of paper, expressed in thousandths of an inch or pages per inch (ppi).

Bulk pack
To pack printed pieces in boxes without prior wrapping in bundles.

In photography, to give extra exposure to a specific area of a print. In lithography, to expose a blueline proof or printing plate with light.

To smooth and seal by rubbing elements. adhered to a mechanical.

Burst perfect bind
To bind by forcing glue into notches in spines of signatures, and then adhering a paper cover.

To join without overlapping or space between.

Butt fit
Ink colors overlapped only a hairline so they appear perfectly butted.

Subcontracted service.