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Edition bind
Alternate term for Case bind.

Electronic image assembly
Assembly of new image from portions of existing images or elements using a computer.

Electronic memory
Disk, magnetic tape, or other memory device that holds digital information.

Electronic page assembly
Assembly and manipulation of type, graphics, and other visual elements on a computer screen.

Electronic publishing
Publishing by printing with a computer-controlled photocopy machine.

Electronic retouching
Using a computer to enhance or correct a scanned photograph.

To press an image into paper so it lies above the surface.

Coating of chemicals on papers, films, and printing plates that, prior to development, is sensitive to light.

Enamel paper
Alternate term for Coated paper with gloss finish.

End sheets
Sheets that attach the inside pages of a case bound book to its cover.

Person who makes a plate for engraving. Also may refer to trade camera service.

Method of printing using a plate, also called a die, with an image carved into it.

Price that states what a job will probably cost based on initial specifications from customer.

Using chemicals or tools, to carve away metal leaving an image or carve an image into metal. Also, alternate term for Fountain solution.

Exposure time
Time required for light to record an image while striking light-sensitive emulsion.