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- H -


Very thin line or gap about the width of a hair: 1/100 inch.

To photograph continuous-tones through a screen to convert the image into dots. The result is also called a halftone and may be either positive or negative and on film or paper.

Halftone dots
Dots that by their varying sizes create the illusion of shading or a continuous-tone image.

Halftone screen
Piece of film containing a grid of lines that breaks light into dots as it passes through.

Half web
Web press whose width and cutoff allow printing eight 8 1/2 x 11 pages on one press sheet.

Hard bind
Alternate term for Case bind.

Hard cover
Bound with a case of binder's board.

Head stops
Adjustable posts on register unit of a press that properly position leading edge of a sheet.

Heat-set web
Web press equipped with oven to make ink dry faster, thus able to print coated paper.

Donut-shaped spot or imperfection in printing, most visible in areas of heavy ink coverage.

High-bulk paper
Paper made relatively thick in proportion to its basis weight.

High contrast
Few or no tonal gradations between dark and light areas.

The lightest areas in a photograph or halftone.

Holding fee
Charge made to clients who keep photograph longer than agreed to.

Alternate term for Ink holdout.

House sheet
General-use paper ordered in large quantities and kept in stock by a printer.

Alternate term for Fixer.