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Image area
Portion of a negative or plate corresponding to inking on paper; portion of paper on which ink appears.

Image assembly
Alternate term for Stripping.

Arrangement of pages on mechanicals or flats so they will appear in proper sequence after press sheets are folded and bound.

One pressing of paper against type, plate, blanket, or die to transfer an image.

Impression cylinder
Cylinder on a press that presses paper against the blanket (offset) or plate (gravure).

To print additional copy on a previously printed sheet.

Index paper
Light weight board paper for writing and easy erasure.

Postal permit information printed on objects to be mailed and accepted by USPS in lieu of stamps.

Ink fountain
Reservoir on a printing press that holds ink.

Ink holdout
Characteristic of paper allowing ink to dry on its surface rather than by absorption.

Ink jet
Method of printing by spraying droplets of ink through computer-controlled nozzles.

In-plant printer
Department of an agency, business, or association that does printing for the parent organization.

Integral proof
Color proof of separation negatives exposed in register on one piece of proofing paper.

To link two or more electronic devices so they can function as one unit.

Negative made from a transparency for the purpose of making photographic prints.

IR coating
Liquid laminate coating bonded and cured with infrared light.

International Standard Book Number assigned by the book's publisher using a system administered by the R. R. Bowker Company in New York City.

International Standard Serial Number assigned by the Library of Congress in Washington DC to magazines, newsletters, and other serials requesting it.