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Laid finish
Grid of parallel lines on paper simulating surface of handmade paper.

To bond plastic film to paper, or to glue paper to chipboard or corrugated cardboard.

Large-format camera
Camera that makes negatives 4 x 5 or larger.

Laser printing
Method of photocopying using a laser beam to charge the drum.

Sketch or drawing of a design for a proposed printed piece showing position, size, and color of copy.

Leading edge
Edge of a sheet of paper that enters the press first, also known as the Gripper edge.

Ledger paper
Strong, smooth bond paper used for keeping business records.

Characteristic of copy having sufficient contrast with the paper on which it appears and determined by such features as typeface, size, leading, and quality of printing.

Method of printing from raised surfaces. A letter press is the kind of press used.

Alternate term for Mailing service.

Light table
Translucent glass surface lit from below, used by production artists and strippers.

Light weight paper
Book grade paper of basis weight 40# or less with high opacity for its weight.

Line conversion screen
Piece of film containing line patterns that break light into those patterns as it passes through.

Line copy
Type, rules, clip art, and other images that are high contrast.

Line negative
High contrast negative usually made from line copy.

Linen tester
Alternate term for Graphic arts magnifier.

Lines per inch
The number of lines or rows of dots there are per inch in a screen and therefore in a screen tint, halftone, or separation.

Mergenthaler trade name for machine that sets lines of metal type.

Liquid laminate
Plastic applied to paper as a liquid, then bonded and cured into a hard, glossy finish.

Method of printing using a chemically-coated plate whose image areas attract ink and whose non-image areas repel ink.

Live area
Alternate term for Image area.

Assembly of type and art into a distinctive symbol unique to an organization, business, or product.

Long grain
Alternate term for Grain long (paper).

Loop stitch
To saddle stitch with staples that are also loops which slip over rings of binders.

Loose proof
Proof of one color separation.

Alternate term for Graphic arts magnifier.