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- M -


Roman numeral for 1,000.

One of the four process colors; also known as process red.

Mailing service
Business specializing in addressing and mailing large quantities of printed pieces.

All activities required to set up a press before production begins. Also refers to paper used in the process.

Making order
Order for custom-made paper.

Manila paper
Strong, buff-colored paper used to make envelopes and file folders.

Space forming border of a page or sheet.

Masking material
Opaque material, often film, used in pasteup to outline photographs or in platemaking to withhold light from non-image areas.

Mask out
To cover selected copy or art so it will not appear on a negative or plate.

Paper or plastic offset printing plate. Also, paper plate for spirit duplicating.

3M trade name for integral color proof

Matte finish
Slightly dull finish on coated, lightly calendered paper.

Matte ink or varnish
Ink or varnish that appears dull when dry.

Camera-ready assembly of type, graphics, and other line copy complete with instructions to the printer.

Mechanical artist
Alternate term for Production artist.

Mechanical separation
Mechanical prepared using a separate overlay for each color to be printed.

Media conversion
Alternate term for Data conversion from one digital coding to another.

Medium format camera
Camera that makes 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 negatives.

Medium screen
Screen with ruling of 133 or 150 lines per inch.

Metallic ink
Ink containing powdered metal that sparkles in light.

Instrument used to measure thickness of paper.

Middle tones
Tones in a photograph or illustration about half as dark as its shadow areas and represented by dots between 30% and 70% of full size.

To measure the thickness of a sheet of paper using a micrometer.

Mill swatch
Paper sample book provided by a mill.

Method of printing using a plastic stencil mounted on a rotating drum containing ink.

Mimeograph bond
Highly absorbent paper made for the mimeograph method of printing.

Alternate term for Dummy.

Model release
Contract authorizing commercial use of a photograph that includes image of a recognizable person or private property.

Short for modulator/demodulator, a device that converts digital signals to analog tones and vice versa so that systems based on electronic memories can interface over telephone lines.

Undesirable pattern in halftones and screen tints made with improperly aligned screens.

Spotty, uneven ink coverage especially noticeable in large solids.

Mounting board
Any thick, smooth piece of board paper used to paste up copy or mount photographs.

Multicolor printing
Printing done in more than one ink color.

DuPont trade name for polyester film.