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Railroad board
Heavy board paper used for posters and signs.

Raised printing
Alternate term for Thermography.

RC paper
Resin-coated paper for typesetting and PMTs that, when properly processed, will not yellow.

Characteristic of messages that are written and edited and set in type selected and composed to make them easy to understand.

500 sheets of paper.

Right-hand page of an open publication.

Reflective copy
Copy that is not transparent.

To position printing in proper relation to edges of paper and other printing on the same sheet. Such printing is said to be in register.

Register marks
Cross-hair lines on mechanicals and negatives that guide strippers and printers.

General term for xerography, diazo, and other methods of copying used by designers, engineers, and architects.

To enhance a photo or correct its flaws.

Type or other image reproduced by printing the background rather than the image itself, allowing the underlying color of paper or previously printed ink to show in the shape of the image.

Right reading
Copy reading correctly (normally) from left to right.

Conditions and terms of licensing agreement between copyright owner and client.

Gravure printing using a web press.

Rough layout
Simple sketch giving general idea of size and placement of type and art.

R print
Color photographic print made from transparency without using internegative.

Ulano trade name for red masking film.

Line used for graphic effect.

See Screen ruling.

Total number of copies ordered or printed.

Running head or foot
Title or other information at the top or bottom of every page of a publication.