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Characteristic of ink making it sticky.

Board grade paper used for products such as tags and file folders.

Text paper
Grade of paper characterized by textured surfaces.

Method of printing using colorless resin powder and heat applied to wet ink yielding raised images.

Thumbnail sketch
Rough sketch of a design.

Tick marks
Alternate term for Crop marks.

Method of binding by crimping a metal strip along edges of sheets.

Alternate term for Screen tint.

Tip in or on
To glue one edge of a sheet to another sheet or signature.

Thin, translucent paper used for overlays.

Tonal range
Photographer term for density range.

Powder forming the image in photocopy.

Alternate term for Scumming.

Trade bindery
Business specializing in trimming, folding, binding, and other finishing operations.

Trade camera service
Alternate term for Camera service.

Trade custom
Business terms and policies followed by businesses in the same field and often codified by a trade association.

Trade shop
Printer or other service working primarily for other graphic arts professionals.

Transfer key
3M trade name for integral color proof.

Piece of glass or plastic lit from behind and on which a photographic image has been reproduced for display.

Positive photographic image, usually in color, on film allowing light to pass through.

Trim marks
Lines on a mechanical, negative, plate, or press sheet showing where to cut edges off of paper or cut paper apart after printing.

Trim size
Size of the printed product after last trim is made.

Turnaround time
Amount of time needed to complete a job or one stage of it.